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By Mary Anne Trevey

OK, so you survived the holidays. I think we all are in agreement that 2018 was a bit challenging. But, as we look into the future we see an old order which is persistently hanging on by its fingernails while basically losing its grip. After all, the nature of life is change, and change is in the air for 2019. One area that is really undergoing some transformation is the how we eat. As the Millennials mature and come into their power, they are bringing with them a whole new set of contributions to society. Here are a few things we can all look forward to in trends for 2019.

First, HOLD THE LIVESTOCK. As information comes out about the environmental damage that comes with raising meat in feedlots, some new start-ups like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are creating plant-based burgers that smell, taste, and even bleed like real meat. Soon this will expand to brands that mimic chicken, fish, and pork.

Second, INSTANT POT COOKING. These new pots drastically reduce cooking time for short-ribs, chicken, stews, and tougher cuts of meat (beef). Unlike slow cookers these pots are actually pressure cookers, and substantially limit processing times for the busy working food preparer. Another popular new invention is the Air Fryer which allows the cook to make French fires, onion rings, and other delectable treats without oil or fat. They are crispy and delicious just like we like them.

Third, CBD Edibles. These are becoming widespread and popular in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. Everything from chocolates and gummies to CBD-infused coffees, cocktails, and quite soon Coca-Cola and other soft drinks are spreading through the market like wild-fires.

Fourth, COOKING WITH PURPOSE. Chefs across the country are realizing that launching a culinary revolution is no longer enough. Some chefs are starting to create more socially conscientious atmospheres in their restaurants. Discount cards for locals and training laid- off factory workers and refugees are part of the new purpose. Jose Andres, who is a James Beard award winner, provided 3 million meals for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Fifth, GRAMMA KNOWS BEST. Critics are going mad for chefs who cook like their grandmothers. Old authentic family recipes are prized for their nutrition, flavor and simplicity.

Sixth, THE LAST STRAWS. The anti-plastic movement has found something it can actually affect. Across the nation bans on plastic drinking straws went viral after a video showing a sea turtle with a straw lodged in its nose was featured on the internet. Of course, straws represent only a small part of the plastic problem but it is a starting point and one that can actually be implemented.


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